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Welcome to animagus_elite. To gain access to this community you must first be sorted into Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff at sorting_elite. Information about the communities, rules and activities can be found at elite_hogwarts. The community offers a wide range of Harry Potter related discussions, activities and contests. If you are interested, please consider applying.

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07|19|08 - 10:53 - Player History By Character
Doctor Who - Donna & Doc :O
An official list of all the characters ever played in M_E, who played them, and (as best I can figure) when they played them. They are listed alphabetically by last name - for the ladies, I am using their married last names.

BEG = Beginning of the game; the first animagus_elite post was on February 23, 2006.
NOW = This user is currently playing the character in marauder_elite

The first number beside the character's name is how many different users have played the character; if there is a second number [in brackets], it represents how many times the character has officially changed hands. Also, keep in mind that there was a restart on June 12, 2006 (deemed "2.0"), but the histories start at the very beginning of animagus_elite records, before the 1.0 (March 01, 2006) start up.

The Official History of Characters' PlayersCollapse )

History of the ModsCollapse )

This list is as accurate as we could make it, keeping in mind that not everything is documented in A_E. I'll be filling in dates as I find more accurate ones :)
Stock - angel and demon
The marauder_elite guide and application-drop post has been moved to this post!

Sorry for the inconvenience. This post will remain only as a placeholder and to keep previously dropped applications on file--please direct all questions or application posts to the above url.

12|14|06 - 12:54 - Official Cast List
Stock - angel and demon
The following characters are on probation. They must post in either their personal journals or in marauder_elite within the next two weeks or be freed up for new applicants. If your character is listed here, please respond to this post when you have updated your journal so that you will be removed from the probation listing. :)

Probation Listing


Now, as a reminder to our new members - any active player in the marauder_elite roleplay is allowed to play up to two characters. If you would like to apply for a second character, please refer to the below casting list and apply here.

So, got all that? ;) Without further ado, anticipation, or alliteration (oh, wait), please observe our Most Wanted list as well as the...

Complete Collection of Current Character CastingCollapse )

Most Wanted
Lucius Malfoy (DE)
Rodolphus Lestrange (DE)
Kingsley Shacklebolt (R/7)
Sixth Year Students of any house

And, of course, original characters are always welcome, especially female original characters. :)
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